Sofia Vivere is a 18 year old singer, pianist and composer from Sweden. She began playing the piano as a six year old and today she has composed over 30 songs. The music gives you an insight in Sofia Vivere’s life and the thoughts crossing her mind and she’s choosing to expose her teenage issues openly to her audience. The stories in the songs are framed by a brighter popsound which has always been close to Sofia Vivere’s heart.

In the summer of 2017 she released her first singel called “You Were Right” and later that year her Christmas song ”Oh, but Christmas”. At the moment Sofia Vivere is focusing on performing live but there are plans on releasing more music this fall.

Sofia Vivere recently started a cooperation with the publishing company Musichelp located in Sweden. In the past she has been the opening act for Thomas Stenström. In 2018 she has performed at several festivals in Sweden and at the Youbloom festival in Dublin. This year Sofia Vivere also competed in the swedish music contest ”Imagine Sweden” where she went on to the national finals and won an opportunity to perform at Göteborgs Kulturkalas.